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Play Online Pokies Australia 2020

The pokie machines, one-armed bandits or just called pokies are the most colorful and cheerful games of chance in the casino. If you win here, then you win big. Pokies are especially popular because they are so easy to play. You press a lever – a real one or a digital one – and hope for your luck.

Pokies come in an infinite number of designs and versions. Games, movies and books as well as series are usually also available as pokie versions with great graphics and animations. Today, most online casinos offer an extremely large selection of pokies, because the desire for fast and short-lived games of chance is growing.

What You should Know about Pokie Machines

  • Online pokie machines are very simple, fun games and easy to learn.
  • There is actually no reliable game strategy for pokie machines, but only basic rules to help you better understand the odds of winning.
  • The best way to play online pokies is to take advantage of the special and varied offers, read the rules carefully and keep an eye on your bankroll when you play!

Online Pokies Rules & How to Play

Basically, online pokies have three or five reels. These can be mechanical or digital. There are symbols on these reels, and if a certain order or number of symbols are hit on each reel, you are paid out accordingly.

On a pokie with three reels, there must then be practically three identical symbols. However, there are also special symbols that will pay out even if only one is hit.

The payouts vary from machine to machine and from symbol to symbol. The player cannot influence the outcome of the game once he has activated the random number generator (the rotation of the reels). Because the rules are so simple, and the machines sometimes start at just one cent per spin, pokie machines are still very popular today and especially digitally.

The settings of an Online Pokie Machine

As soon as you have fed the machine with money or started a free pokie machine, it can start.

In pokies with reels, you can press a button that either looks like a coin or has something like “Play 1 Credit” written on it until the desired amount is shown (in the picture it is “0.01”) – this is the value of a coin.

Pokie Lines

You have to watch out for additional winning opportunities through features like the lines (multi lines). Normally you are paid out when you hit three symbols on the middle line. The other lines do not count. In a Lines game you can activate these lines by making another payment. Sometimes even vertical lines are possible.

Pokie Coins

In the Coins game (multiplier), you can insert several coins before a game and possibly multiply the winnings. It works like this: if you insert three coins and play three matching symbols, you will receive a payout of thirty times your bet.

Pokie Bet Max

This button then plays according to the maximum bet allowed for that game.

Pokie Spin

When all settings are made, press the spin button or use the lever.

9 Strategies for Online Pokies

The game at the pokie machine really can hardly be influenced by a strategy. There are many rumors and myths about what loose or dense pokie machines are – machines that pay better or worse than others. These are in fact illusions that many players indulge in out of passion for the game. However, there is still some advice and hints that can be taken into account when it comes to a successful and relaxing game at the pokies.

1. Jackpots & Progressive Jackpots

Anyone hoping for a big jackpot must also know that it can only be cracked with the highest stake. Only if you risk a high stake, you can also hit the jackpot with a direct hit. This also applies to progressive jackpots. Depending on how much money you have with you, you can choose the machine according to your budget. There are expensive and cheap pokie machines that give back little or a lot. In general, you should choose progressive jackpots anyway if you are already playing pokies.

Of course, the risk is higher to lose at most – because you make the maximum bet. However, the winnings are so much bigger that this bet is usually more worthwhile. Instead of many small bets, you bet on a few big ones, which have more potential.

However: progressive pokies have a lower probability of payout. And not only for the payout of large amounts, but also for small winnings. It is best to choose progressive jackpots with a small machine network (and therefore a slightly smaller jackpot).

2. Double or Nothing

If you hit a winning combination, you will be asked to play a double or nothing. If you do not accept it, you will only be paid a small amount. But if you play, you can multiply your bets by far more.

3. Find Simple Pokie Machines

Squiggly, pretty machines are very entertaining and distracting, but most of the time they have the worse payout odds than plain and simple pokie machines. These are not so expensive to maintain and usually have a slightly better payout rate.

4. Gain Advantages

The house edge is incredibly high on pokie machines. You win very little as a player, compared to other games in the casino – and usually only small amounts. However, because it is still fun to play pokies, you should at least collect the comp points! Whether in a real or virtual casino, pokie machine games are the most rewarding, and these can be converted into real money.

5. The Right Attitude

Very important when playing at the Online pokie is the attitude you have towards it. Gambling can be very frustrating – if you let it. Playing at the online pokie can be frustrating if you simply don’t want to win. Do not get angry about this. Anger is not a good companion to gambling, so if you catch yourself getting angry, take a break immediately. The game at the pokie should be fun, because that’s what the colourful “machines” are all about: fun and entertainment.

6. Keeping an Eye on the Money

When playing at the Online pokie – or better with all kinds of gambling – there is one thing you should always keep in mind: Your account! This can be especially difficult for players who play in several online casinos, but it is essential to keep the fun from turning into a serious matter: Determine how much you want to spend each month on online pokie play and stick to it. This will ensure that you make your bets deliberately and not on a whim.

7. Look around for a Good Pokie Machine

The choice of pokie machines is huge. Who plays online pokies is spoilt for choice. This type of online gambling is one of the most varied of all. Each individual online casino in itself already has a huge selection, which is usually a little smaller in mobile casinos. From classic pokies to modern games and pokies with progressive jackpots, as well as online scratch cards.

Find the pokies you feel most comfortable with, whether the elaborately designed video pokies or simple pokie machines with the typical symbols is up to you. But keep your eyes open to the left and right – read pokie reviews and descriptions on our site to keep you up to date.

8. Read the Rules

Now, if you are wondering what the rules of online pokies play are, you might want to take a closer look at them. Because the fact is: every pokie has different rules. By that we mean that every pokie works differently. So take a closer look at the description of the game in the online casino, find out which symbols are important and how the pay lines are put together.

Find out what bets you can make and if there are any special requirements for making large winnings (sometimes the large winnings are linked to large deposits). In short, get busy with the game of your choice and don’t rush into anything.

9. Take Advantage of Offers and Promotions

Online casinos offer many casino promotions. To get the most out of your online pokie game, you should also check out the regular promotions and actions of online casinos.

Often new games are supported with special promotions or you can get free spins when you replenish your casino account. Keep an eye on these offers, they can help you improve your chances by allowing you to play at the online pokie without risking your own money. Free spins is the magic word.

Use them to save your own bankroll and try out new online pokies.

Online Pokie Machines Terminology

Whether you like to play your pokies in a real casino or online, you may come across terminology that is specific to the pokies game. Here is an overview of some of the most common terms used to discuss online pokies.

Banking Game

A variation of pokie machines where bonus points are kept in a “bank” in the machine as the game progresses. Completing a specific task in the game “releases” the bank and awards you the points. These machines are used to encourage pokie players to continue to feed the machine. In a real casino, leaving a banking game means that those bonus points go to a new player to win.


The amount of money you have designated to play. Keeping your funds separate from your personal finances is a good way to avoid gambling problems.

Bet Max

A button on the pokie machine that gives you the choice to play the maximum amount of coins the machine will give. This tends to speed up the game.


A bonus that a real casino offers players for playing continuously on one of their machines. Free meals, shows or even cash can be redeemed. See also Sign-up Bonus.

House Edge

Amount that the casino mathematically guarantees to win over a long period of time of the game. If the house has a 5 percent advantage on a particular game, they will win five cents on every dollar played over a period of time.

One-Armed Bandit

An old name for pokie machines, named after the “arm” on the side of the machine, which must be pulled once to get the reels moving.


The opposite of the house advantage for pokie machines. The payback is how much a pokie machine gives back for every dollar it accepts. If a machine has an 85 percent payback, it pays out 85 cents for every dollar it accepts; therefore, the house advantage for the machine is 15 percent. Ideally, a pokie machine you play will have no worse payback than 90 percent, especially if you play pokies online.

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot that builds up as the players deposit. All connected machines eligible for a specific progressive jackpot contribute to the jackpot with each spin. Since it is a very rare combination of symbols that triggers the jackpot, progressive jackpots can reach enormous amounts of money. You can only win the Progressive Jackpot by playing the maximum amount of coins.

Sign-up Bonus

A bonus offered to online pokies players and other online players as an incentive to register at a particular online casino. Entering a bonus code with your first deposit at the casino can get you up to 100% of your deposit in bonus money, sometimes even more. Find the best online casino bonus for you in our casino reviews from different providers.


The pictures on the screen that have to match for you to win.

Final Words

Playing pokie machines on the Internet is 5 times cheaper than in gaming establishments and even safer in terms of manipulation possibilities. Of course, this must be considered in the very long term. In a short time frame everything is possible. You can crack a million jackpot or you can also lose your bet quickly. In the very long term, a player with an average high luck factor loses about 5% of his stake per game, in gaming shops it is at least a proud 25%.

An average player playing in an online casino should lose 5 times less in the long run. Provided that this does not change his playing behavior and suddenly plays instead of 20 cents, regularly on 50 dollar per spin.